Got period? Can’t be a Menteri Besar (chief minister) says sexist lawyer


In Malaysia, where anything goes for in politics, a lawyer, Hafarizam Bin Harun, website made a statement about Wan Azizah about her ability to become Selangor state Chief Minister. Hafarizam said that because Wan Azizah has period, she might not be able to perform her duty effectively as the chief minister.

“This is because should a woman menteri besar suffer from ‘uzur sharie’ (period), there will be many obstacles for her to accompany the sultan at religious functions.
“Hence, the article under the Selangor constitution, for example, may not hinder a woman from becoming a menteri besar, but by convention, there could be problems because of the said circumstances,” Hafarizam said.

Oh sexist remarks. How easy it is to blame the period.

ShameOnYou Hafarizam!


Author: SoYAd

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