Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak wears a RM 133,000 (USD 33,000) AP Royal Oak Offshore watch while scheming on how to “receive more donation” from the people!


The picture above shows Najib Razak wearing an AP Royal Oak Offshore watch while praying. He must be thinking hard how he can get out of his current situation with 1MDB. It is such a coincidence that he would buy a watch with the name Royal Oak Offshore, considering most of the stolen money through 1MDB is channeled via Singapore, Switzerland, USA and Cayman Island.
To bring your focus to the elegant time piece, below is the screenshot from AP’s website and the watch itself is a masterpiece, carefully handcrafted to perfection and fit for a man who can afford to pay MSRP $33,400.00 for it. (RM 133,600 at USD 1 = RM 4 exchange rate). The other peculiar thing as mentioned above is the name.Touche, AP, Touche.

ap 1


According to luxury watch seller,, the watch retails for $33,400 but if you buy it from them, you can get 16% off, which will cost you $27, 995.  ap 2

Now, the crux of this post is not about how elegant, classy or expensive AP watches can be but how the hell can a Prime Minister who is paid RM 22,826.65 monthly salary (USD 5706) wear such an extravagant watch?

The only plausible explanation and one that the folks at the Prime Minister’s Office would offer is that the watch was donated by the Saudi Royal Family to Najib, not for personal gain, but for the advancement of Malaysia.

Kudos Najib and Crony….kudos!


Shame on you Najib!

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