Road bully by a foreigner with kids in the car (Reader submission)

Despite the blurry picture the license plate says W 5106 Q on a black MyVi

Submitted by reader

This road bully is a Caucasian foreigner with kids in the car. He swerved in front of me and I honked him as he nearly hit me. He kept impeding my path as I tried to turn away and I kept honking him. At the traffic light of Japan sultan Ismail he got down and tried to ask me to wind down my window and was screaming. Such foreigners should be sent home as they misbehave in a foreign country. Imagine his kids were behind the car. Watch out for this car next time and be sure that HIS kids are ok the next time he pulls this stunt. The expat community is shamed due to such incidences.

Author: SoYAd

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