Robber in a botched robbery in Petaling Jaya got shot in the leg nearly severing it – Najib says Malaysia is still peaceful!

 A robbery suspect’s leg was nearly severed when he was shot by a security guard during a botched robbery in Bandar Sunway here today.
Petaling Jaya district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaini Che Din revealed at least three suspects on two motorcycles had attempted to rob a remittance shop in the area at about 2pm.
The suspects, armed with machetes and wearing tinted helmets, forced their way into the shop and were attempting to break into the enclosure where the employees were stationed when one of the suspects saw a security guard and rushed to attack him.
The security guard however darted back to his office and grabbed his shot gun before firing at the suspect’s left leg, almost severing it.
Spooked, his accomplices fled on their motorcycles, while the injured suspect tried to crawl out of the shop, but fainted just outside the door.
Zaini said the suspect was being treated at the University Malaya Medical Centre. He also said, nothing was stolen from the shop.
“There were seven people in the shop at the time, comprising six female employees and a local security guard, who had a license to carry firearms,” he said adding no one else was injured in the incident.
“The case is being investigated under section 393 of the Penal Code for attempting to commit a robbery,” he said, adding police were now on the lookout for the other suspects.
Zaini also said that this was the first time an attempt was made on the shop and that police were reviewing CCTV footage to see if there were any other accomplices.

Author: SoYAd

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