VVBridal in Bahau Town, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia that shamelessly stole and plagiarized other bridal studio’s photographs finally apologizes, but damage done!


A well known Kuala Lumpur based Wedding Photographer was horrified when he found out that his hardwork and amazing photographs he took for his customers in Santorini were blatantly plagiarized and the original couple has been replaced with another couple. The original couple outsourced the poster printing to another wedding studio in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan without realizing that their precious photographs would be maliciously used for the gain of the outsourced wedding studio.


Shame on you VVStudio!

Original post from FB:
“Sometimes, client will ask me, why only post one or two images online. I replied, it is because I experience people stole my images and claimed it is their image. My images have been stolen for their website and fan page couple of times and this round, it is a whole new level !
In Sept, We did a prewedding for our client Jiahui Sin and Jianhua Chew in Santorini, and when they received the images, they assign a local bridal house in Bahau to print for their backdrop for their lunchean celebration and giving them 16 images to select. With all these high resolution in hand, VVBridal decide to CLONE AWAY the couple and replace them TOTALLY with another indian couple. Best Part, they even put in their own logo and posted ! This is unacceptable and I heard almost all Bahau couple will look for them for wedding ceremony.I will leave it to the couple to deal with them and to others, please be careful when you sending high resolution images to others..

Author: SoYAd

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